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The Super Bowl comes at good time of year for Indy; Indianapolis stands to benefit in a bigger way from the Super Bowl than the Sunbelt cities that typically host the game because so little else happens there in February.

However, experts caution that football's biggest game doesn't net host cities the hundreds of millions of dollars that the NFL likes to quote. That's because the seven- to 10-day Super Bowl run displaces many of the normal events and much of the spending that otherwise would occur during that time, while a big chunk of Super Bowl spending goes to out-of-state corporations and merchants that don't park their profits in the area.

Still, the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis should administer a bigger economic jolt than it does to Sunbelt cities, because there are precious few other events to crowd it out in the 'Circle City' in February, typically the coldest month of the year, when hotel bookings and travel are at a low.

Whether its true dollar value is hundreds of millions of dollars or a fraction of that, the awarding of the Super Bowl to Indianapolis was welcome news to a metro area suffering from property tax shock, home price depreciation and record high gas prices. The current economic downturn has resulted in a drop in demand for luxury services like hire limousines and hotel rooms; operators of these services will be glad for anything that is likely to boost their businesses.

In the Phoenix suburb of Glendale, where this year's Super Bowl was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium, a study by Arizona State University showed the average visitor stayed nearly four nights and spent $617 a day on hotels, food, alcohol, transportation and other expenses. Therefore, Indianapolis should brace for crushing demand on hotels, Downtown restaurants, limousine companies and other services during the Super Bowl.

Even several days before the big game, a cab was a four-hour wait - if you were lucky enough to get one - in the Phoenix area. It was impossible to get one on game day. Limousine hire companies were shipping and hiring limos and drivers from California and Nevada. It was truly unbelievable.

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